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What are loot boxes? Parent Zone.
Despite resembling a lottery, loot boxes are not classified as gambling in the UK. So far, the UK Gambling Commission has accepted industry arguments that because the items inside are only used in the game, loot boxes shouldnt be seen as gambling.
Dentons - Unpacking Loot Boxes: gaming or gambling?
Conversely, the German Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media KJM and the French Online Gambling Authority Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne established in 2018 that Loot Boxes cannot be classified as gambling activities according to their current national laws but, nevertheless, highlighted the necessity to further investigate the issues, given that Loot Boxes share some characteristics with gambling.
PDF Loot boxes are again linked to problem gambling: Results of a replication study.
This link was stronger than a link between problem gambling and buying other in-game items with real-world money η 0.004, suggesting that the gambling-like features of loot boxes are specifically responsible for the observed relationship between problem gambling and spending on loot boxes.
Video Games, Loot Boxes Gambling Key Issues Concerns.
On Video Games, Loot Boxes Gambling. Theres been a lot of recent conversation in the media about a new video game, Star Wars Battlefront II, and its use of loot boxes and concerns about gambling not to mention pay to win.
Loot Boxes and Skin Betting Free Online Safety Guide National Online Safety.
A free online safety guide on Loot Boxes Skin Betting. Much is written in the media about online gaming, gambling and skin betting. These terms can be confusing as they mean different things in different contexts. Online gaming has historically meant gambling websites with cards, slot machines and roulette.
Opening Pandoras Loot Box? Canadian Class Action Lawsuit Over Loot Boxes May Provide Guidance On The Legality of Loot Boxes in Canada - Lexology.
Canadian Class Action Lawsuit Over Loot Boxes May Provide Guidance On The Legality of Loot Boxes in Canada. On September 30, 2020, a class action lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia seeking reimbursement of loot box payments the.
New Study Links Loot Boxes To Gambling.
James Close who worked on the report spokeof his concerns, stating that at-risk" individuals, such as problem gamblers, gamers, and young people, make disproportionate contributions to loot box revenues" On top of this, he suggests that video games with loot boxes are deploying similar tactics to the gambling industry to hook big spenders.
Video game loot boxes linked to problem gambling, study shows Gambling The Guardian.
Loot boxes, video game features used by nearly 40 of children, have clear links to problem gambling, according to a study that has reignited calls for them to be regulated as betting products. Researchers analysed 13 studies into the behaviour of gamers who spend on loot boxes, which allow players to spend money on randomised in-game rewards that can aid players progress or enhance the appearance of characters, without knowing what they will get.

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