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Adolescents and loot boxes: links with problem gambling and motivations for purchase Royal Society Open Science.
These contain items that are exclusively available in these loot boxes for the limited time that an in-game event runs. Similarly, in the tactical role-playing game Fire Emblem Heroes, players pay to summon random heroes to join their team. However, certain 'limited' heroes can only be summoned during specific, time-limited seasonal events. How the features described above influence the effects of loot boxes remains unclear. In 18 researchers investigated whether several specific features of different loot boxes strengthened links between loot box spending and problem gambling in an adult population. Their results provided some support for the idea that spending money on some specific kinds of loot boxes may be more strongly linked to problem gambling than others.
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Games with Gambling-Style Loot Boxes Should Necessitate More Mature Ratings.
Loot boxes and similar microtransactions have always been criticized forsimulating gambling. Some countries have even taken steps to ban loot boxes, stating that they break gambling laws in certain parts of the world. However, this hasn't' stopped certain video game companies from cramming them into their titles.
Loot boxes in games are gambling and should be banned for kids, say UK MPs - TechCrunch.
Loot boxes are particularly lucrative for games companies but come at a high cost, particularly for problem gamblers, while exposing children to potential harm. Buying a loot box is playing a game of chance and it is high time the gambling laws caught up.
3 Video Game ETFs for Q1 2022.
Gaming ETFs originally focused on casino and gambling companies, but they increasingly have broadened their scope to own stocks of companies involved in video games and eSports. While some ETFs hold shares of companies in both the video gaming and gambling industries, below we focus on funds dedicated specifically to companies in the video game industry.
Loot boxes in video games House of Commons Library.
Loot boxes have been defined as features in video games which may be accessed through gameplay, or purchased with in-game items, virtual currencies, or directly with real-world money. They often appear as chests, crates, or card packs. Concerns have been raised about the structural and psychological similarities between loot boxes and gambling and that they can encourage children to gamble. The Gambling Commission has stated that the Gambling Act 2005 does not cover loot boxes.
gambling on video games?: pcgaming.
Since it's' Gambling. Well several weeks ago i was researching if its legal to offer cash prize for a video game tournament, the law from what i understand is if its a game of skill its legal, such as chess, but a game like bingo is not.
Loot boxes linked to problem gambling in new research - BBC News.
The upcoming Gambling Act review is set to look at the question, with the UK's' House of Lords already having weighed in to say that loot boxes should be firmly regulated as games" of chance. Loot boxes are a video game feature involving a sealed mystery box" - sometimes earned through playing the game and sometimes paid for with real money - which can be opened for a random collection of in-game items such as weapons or cosmetic costumes.
Video game loot boxes linked to gambling: study - Taipei Times.
Sat, Apr 03, 2021 page6. Video game loot boxes linked to gambling: study. Loot boxes, video game features used by nearly 40 percent of children, have clear links to problem gambling, a study showed, reigniting calls for them to be regulated as betting products.

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